New Moteo digital platform unites 15 motorcycle and scooter websites

New Moteo digital platform unites 15 motorcycle and scooter websites

Benelli, Peugeot, Super Soco, Suzuki and SYM ready for fast start after Corona period

For many people, summer is the perfect time to buy a new powered two-wheeler. Moteo, the European reference in this market, is 100% ready to welcome them all, with no less than 15 new websites. These were built over the past year with Emakina, on a customized digital Adobe platform. For each type of rider, there is a suitable motorcycle or scooter available in its broad range, now more than ever easy to find.

The perfect wheels for everyone

Moteo races through the summer in full speed, as it brings its project to a successful conclusion to launch new websites for its five brands in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland and Portugal.

For its entire range of scooters and motorcycles, you can now quickly and conveniently find all models, accessories, and promotions online in all these markets. To top it all off, on several brand sites a 'wizard' helps you in three quick steps to find the models that best fit your profile, from beginner to experienced rider.

Adobe Experience Manager and some smart development

Moteo chose Belgian agency Emakina's experts as its partner to build this new platform, and to guide the local teams in five markets in managing the tools to create their websites. Using Adobe Experience Manager as its engine, the central team determined the visual identity for each brand, a uniform web structure, and a smart trajectory for the visitors. All photo material, visual elements, descriptions and technical specifications were also developed centrally.

Perfectly tuned for each market

After a short training, each local team was able to add the appropriate data to their web pages and then further tune the content for their market, from translations and promotions to products and models they wanted to highlight. This approach offers the advantage that a clear brand identity is maintained, while the specific needs of each market are answered by local experts.

Maxime Fensie, Moteo Team lead Marketing & Product:
'Now the Corona crisis is hopefully nearly behind us, we are more than ready to welcome our customers in all markets on our 15 new websites. Together with Emakina we opted for practical sites, where both inexperienced and proficient riders quickly find their perfect scooter or motorcycle. The new features are impressive, and the highlights of the technical specifications work fluently. The reactions of our teams and dealers in the different markets are positive, so now we can shift gears together with our customers!'

The 15 websites:






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